First Divisional Singles Sponsored by Fosters in association with Rugby Club

The Rugby Club in association with Fosters, Willoughby Fields, Ifield. 01293 533995 Fosters are sponsoring the Divisional Singles for all 3 divisions. The Rugby Club is an excelent venue for all functions and home of no less that 4 pool teams. The heart of Rugby in Crawley hosting many major events and players from an international level. 2 pool tables, darts and monthly poker nights. home to the comedy club.

Final - Tuesday 20th March 2018 (Best of 7) 8pm Start

New Moon (2)
Steve Dunning
Shane Bambridge

Quarter / Semi Finals - Tuesday 13th March 2018 (Best of 5)

New Moon (1)
Steve Dunning
Steve Constable
Steve Wong
Gavin Edwards
New Moon (2)
Shane Bambridge
James Butler
Dav Nothay
Nick Chant

Round 1 - Tuesday 6th March 2018 (Best of 5)

Rugby Club (1)
Charlie Brend
Rob Hood
Rob Gibney
Steve Dunning (Q)
Andy Gillon
Jack Cotterall
New Moon (1)
Justine Stairmand
Grant Hughes
Dave Cheeseman
Steve Constable (Q)
Adam Goburdhun
Dean Hamshaw
Windmill (1)
Ant Messenger
Marc Lane
Heran Limbachia
Nick Chant (Q)
Ross Mitchell
Nicki Bradberry
Samuel Johnson (1)
Steve Wong (Q)
John Howe
Andy Newell
Les Weatherill
George Brown
Rob Harris
Gavin Edwards (Q)
Keith Holman
Gerry Dorman
Brian Challis
Dan Harris
Sue Woods
Downsman (1)
Kaz Petty
John Cossey
Dave Patrick
Ryan Perry
Paul Howe
James Butler (Q)
Grasshopper (1)
Jobe Wolfe
Dave Butler
Jay Messenger
Dav Nothay (Q)
Dan Alderman
Steve Robbins
Pelham Buckle
Stuart Rushton
Gary Bush
Simon Twort
Ryan Braybrook
Stuart Allen
Shane Bambridge (Q)


Organisers are in bold

Organiser to draw for Opponents.

Matches to start at 8.15 any players not present when called to play are to be eliminated.

Some dates may be added if required or dropped. There can be no changes to any dates and no postponements for any reason, If you are not at the competition you will be disqualified from it.