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Langley Green Parade

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Semi Final / Final - Tuesday 27th November 2018 - Scotch Doubles

New Moon
Jay Messenger | Kaz Petty
Roy Leagas | Jane Leagas
Ben Prentice | Julie Hitchen
Pete Rowe | Charlie Brend

Tuesday 27th November 2018 - Scotch Doubles (Best of 3)

New Moon
Allan Morton | Kara Morton (Organisers)
Jay Messenger | Kaz Petty
Marc Roberts | Sam Fisher
Jordan Green | Nicky McGhee
Neil Simpson | Kelly Trewin
Stuart Allen | Jules Hankin
Samuel Johnson
Danny Surch | Danielle Turner (Organisers)
Jon Baxter | Ali Baxter
Steve Masters | Shelley Clarke
Del Vaughan-Williams | Bernie Donnelly
Greg Reader | Julie Rose
Roy Leagas | Jane Leagas
Rugby Club
Danny Alderman | Sue Woods (Organisers)
Nav Bhatti | Jo Czyzewska
Tom Carlberg | Beka Nixon
Glen Jackson | Jane Morley
Ben Prentice | Julie Hitchen
Cliff Berry | Emma Rennger (Organisers)
John Davidson | Annie Prentice
Pete Rowe | Charlie Brend
Pete Spence | Nicki Bradberry
Darren Wise | Gemma Reed Michie


Scotch doubles format applies

Organiser to draw from venue list whether players are present or not

All matches are the best of three frames. Except in the final which is the best of five frames

Table costs to be shared

Matches to start by 8.15pm.

All matches drawn at venues with more than 1 table, 2 tables may need to be used in order to get matches finished.

Players not present when called to play will be eliminated.