Seniors Competition Sponsored by Crawley Rugby Club 01293 533995

The Rugby Club

Willoughby Fields, ifield.

Tel 01293 533995

Sponsor of League Doubles and in association with Fosters who are sponsoring the divisional Singles for all 3 divisions. An excelent venue for all functions and home of no less that 4 pool teams. The heart of Rugby in Crawley hosting many major events and players from an international level. 2 pool tables, darts ad monthly poker nights. home to the comedy club.

Semi Final (Best of 5) & Final (Best of 9) - Deadline Thursday 26th April 2018

Venue to be arranged by players, semi final and final to be concluded by 26th April 2018. Can all be played on same night if players so wish.
Nigel Teague v Roy Leagas
Steve Constable v Cliff Berry

Round 1 (All Games Best of 5) - Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Rugby Club
Simon Armstrong (Organiser)
Steve Aldersley
Jane Morley
Annie Prentice
Steve Constable
Kaz Petty
Miguel Alves
Terry Holmwood
New Moon
Darren Ayling (Organiser)
Les Baker
Darren Cooper
John Peacock
Steve Clements
Roy Leagas
Dave Patrick
Adrian Walter
Samuel Johnson
Cliff Berry (Organiser)
Dave Cheeseman
John Davidson
Allan Morton
Paddy Constance
Gary Parkinson
Sean Trivass
Andy Gillon
Nigel Teague (Organiser)
Ian Hodder
Gary Pritchard
Gerry Dorman
Rob Harris
Mark Stevens
Alex Cullem