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Sponsor of the Chairmans Cup, All Home Entertainment Cabling & Tuning Flat screen wall brackets supplied & fitted Extra phone sockets in other rooms under half the price of major companies. Quality TV pictures around the home. Boosters supplied if required.

Final - Tuesday 12th March 2019

Venue - Samuel Johnson
Captain and Secretary
Next Gen

Round 2 - Tuesday 16th October 2018

Venue - Pelham Buckle
Captain and Secretary
Special K (Organisers)
All Chalked Up
Scrum PJack
Venue - New Moon
Captain and Secretary
Pelham Caddies (Organisers)
Kennys Heroes
Next Gen

Round 1 - Tuesday 9th October 2018

Venue - Windmill
Captain and Secretary
Special K (Organisers)
1 Hop This Time
Hoppy Slappers
The Inn Crowd
Cunning Stuntz
Venue - The Knight
Captain and Secretary
Crawley Rugby Club (Organisers)
The Rocketeers
Very Much Committed
Venue - Rugby Club
Captain and Secretary
All Chalked Up (Organisers)
Drink & Sink
Steamy Llama
Venue - Grasshopper
Captain and Secretary
Nomads (Organisers)
Invisible Bedtime Doctors
Scrum Pjack
Knight Ballers
Venue - Samuel Johnson
Captain and Secretary
Windmill Original (Organisers)
Pelham Caddies
The Cues Brothers
Venue - Downsman
Captain and Secretary
Kennys Heroes (Organisers)
Jubilee Club
The Jubilee Royals
Pink Flamingos
Venue - Apple Tree
Captain and Secretary
Deadpool (Organisers)
Balls Deep in Copthorne
Breaking Bad
Venue - Jubilee Club
Captain and Secretary
Next Gen (Organisers)
Sexy Moonsters
Windmill Underdogs
The New Apple Tree

Please see the bottom of this page for game rules.

Please Text WINNER Result To ADAM MCSHARRY on 07584 065023.

Printable Results Sheet


All matches are best of 5 frames.

Game Format:

Captain v Captain.

Secretary v Secretary.

Captain v Secretary.

Secretary v Captain.

Doubles Decider.

If 5 teams are present then a preliminary round is drawn and played. The winners and remaining teams are drawn for the next 2 sets of matches

Winners of the matches then play a final in the same format.

Final winners should be text to Adam McSharry on 07444 925741 on the night.

Matches to Start by 8.15pm

Players not present when called will be eliminated.